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Autocares Izaro continues to build its extraordinary history by creating new travel experiences, all the result of its extensive learning for more than 30 years.

This is how, after a lot of creativity, inspiration, love, courage and patience, Izaro Status was born. A vibrant and cosmopolitan vehicle focused on a top-level sector where exclusivity and guarantee are priority factors.

The production process of each unit has been long and delicate. From the beginning we have been committed to excellence, design, exclusivity and, above all, the highest levels of quality.

And it has not been easy to get here but today we can feel very proud and satisfied with the result. Once the client sits down, they perceive a different atmosphere: a world in which good taste and exquisiteness are very present.

The concept of the vehicle, its furniture, decoration and the careful attention make traveling with Izaro Status a very special, unique experience. And beyond the material luxury, our vehicles leave each traveller with an indelible memory. New places to discover, new routes to travel… Izaro Status is designed to make your dreams come true.